Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming can be defined as an integrated system of plant and animal production practices which will help feed a hungry planet using environmentally safe and accepted methods. The Bauer Berry Farm has operated as a family farm since 1977 and has attempted to be good stewards to the land and the people we serve.

Throughout the years we have attempted to reduce our impact on the environment by using good land stewardship practices and conserving our natural resources. The tree shelter belts that were planted in the early years of our farm minimize the negative wind erosion impact and provide a home for various wildlife species. Each fall, we plant rye cover crops to minimize soil erosion, and to provide a natural source of nitrogen to our berry and corn crops. A grass buffer zone around our wetland reduces run-off. We have a beekeeper who maintains honey bee hives on our farm. We purchase bumblebees to enhance the pollination of the blueberry blossoms. We have introduced the use of many organic plant and soil amendments to our crops. We monitor our fields using the system of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and apply pesticides only when absolutely necessary. We practice crop rotation between strawberries, sweet corn, and fallow ground planted to cover crops including rye and hairy vetch which are then incorporated back to the soil. We would like to continue using barnyard manure as an amendment, but because our community is growing all around us, we find it difficult to convince our neighbors the temporary odor is a sign of good farming practices, so we had to discontinue it.

With your choice to visit our farm and buy locally, you can feel comfortable knowing that the growers are your neighbors. Since we also consume what we grow, you can be assured of safe, fresh food produced with reduced synthetic chemical input. We believe that health comes from the farm, not the pharmacy.

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