To all our valued customers,

It is with thoughtful regrets that we are sending this message to you.  Way back in 1977 when we established our farming operation, we never dreamed that we would have lasted this long. We began our farm with the help of Nancy’s parents and our two sons.  But now, it’s only the two of us and the time has come that we must step down from our arduous and stressful lifestyle and retire from operating our pick your own berry farm.


Over the years we have been blessed with lasting relationships with many repeat customers.  In the end, we may have even been growing berries for the grandchildren of our first pickers.  This is the part of our farm operation that we will miss.  All of your eager faces as you drove up to our gate were what kept us going for so many years.  But now, the long days and nights of growing fruits and vegetables are behind us.  Our bodies are worn out and it is time to move on to the next chapter.

Next May or June, we encourage you to search online for other growers via this website:

www.minnesotagrown.com.  You can search by location and by crop.  You could also consider scheduling a mini vacation around pick your own farms located in more distant places. 

Again, thank you for all your years of doing business with us.


Bill and Nancy Bauer

Bauer Berry Farm




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