Pick your own at Bauer Berry Farm in Champlin, Minnesota. We are the people who proudly produce your food. We grow strawberries, blueberries and sweet corn for people who like to eat local and safe food. We are 30 minutes north/northwest of Minneapolis in the community of Champlin. We provide pick your own strawberries or blueberries fresh from the field.  Keep in mind that pick your own does not mean that you can eat all you want while picking.  “One or two are good to try, but after that you have to buy”.  Come join your neighbors for healthy food!



Updated June 18, 2018:

Our strawberry harvest started Monday morning, June 18th.   The berries are lovely, juicy, red, and  large in size.  We are a few days ahead of our original prediction, since it has truly been a warm spring.  For the next few weeks, we will have picking every day, including the weekends.  Morning hours will be from 8:00 AM to Noon.  When the supply is over abundant, we will add selected evening hours, which will be from 5 to 7 PM.  

Bring 4 quart ice cream pails if you have them, or reuse the picking flat that you got from last season.  In an effort to have few cars waiting on the road, we cannot slow down the line to weigh in your random size cake pans and Tupperware.  So everyone will pick into either our cardboard flats or ice cream pails.   The pick your own price is $2.60 per pound, or, if you bring your own 4 quart pail, the cost is $14. 00.  If you have any questions, call our produce hotline: 763-421-4384 during picking hours.  We will be answering the phone then.   In 2017, Five acres of new strawberries were planted, so the crop should be excellent.

We are once again picking berries for customers who can’t pick their own.  Please call our hotline number to order, and leave your information so we can talk to you in person.  We pick into 10# or 5# boxes and that price is $4.60 per pound.

 Road construction on Highway 169 will be slowing the traffic to our farm.  So you can start planning now for a slower trip or an alternate route.  Northbound on Noble Ave. and West River Road from Highway 610 or further west from 610, north on 81 and then County Road 121 (Fernbrook Lane) are two good options to avoid going north on 169.  Check out Google Maps to see these options. The Dayton River Road (County 12 north) is open again, but on June 18th E. Hayden Lake Road will be closed.  There are ways to avoid it, so plan ahead for no surprises.

If you want to have an email sent to your Inbox with current picking options,  just sign up to “Join Our Email List” on our home page.  Any other inquiries can be sent to our voicemail:  763-421-4384.  We also have a Facebook page, so check that one, too.  We are busy with farming and getting the crops ready, so we may not have time to answer any personal questions.



Updated, June 15th, 2018
Our blueberry season will follow the strawberry harvest.      Our best prediction for now is about July 10th, but we will be updating this pages as the berries begin to turn blue.  Stay tuned.



As part of our downsizing plan to keep farming with less stress on our old bodies,  we have had to cut out our sweet corn crop.  It was a good run of 39 years, long enough to be respectable, and we appreciated your loyalty over all those years.






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