Pick your own at Bauer Berry Farm in Champlin, Minnesota. We are the people who proudly produce your food. We grow strawberries, blueberries and sweet corn for people who like to eat local and safe food. We are 30 minutes north/northwest of Minneapolis in the community of Champlin. We provide pick your own strawberries or blueberries fresh from the field.  Keep in mind that pick your own does not mean that you can eat all you want while picking.  “One or two are good to try, but after that you have to buy”.  Come join your neighbors for healthy food!
SWEET CORN:     Updated August 3rd

For our Plymouth Location Days and Hours, see Hot Line below  We have lots of corn for fresh eating and it’s the perfect ripeness for processing.  We will have corn at the farm most every day, and will be selling in Plymouth on random days.  The wagon should be ready at about 9:30 AM.  If you can’t come until later in the afternoon, please call to confirm the corn supply before heading to the farm.  We will pick as much corn as we think we can sell for the day. The Plymouth site is at 56th and Nathan Lane, just west of the Superior Ford dealer, and south of Bass Lake Road.  Please call the farm number to confirm those sale days.  763-421-4384. 

HOT LINE FOR SWEET CORN SALES: Sales in Plymouth are planned for Tuesday, August 4th.  But we can be there only between the hours of 11:00 AM and 2 PM.  We have a commitment later in the afternoon.  If you are concerned about whether we will be there or not, please call the farm hotline:  763-421-4384  for the latest update.  We have been waiting for a more abundant supply, and with the heat, it is finally here.  It looks like Monday and Tuesday will be excellent days for sweet corn sales in Plymouth just off Bass Lake Road.


Our Blueberry season is over for 2015.  We thought it would last longer, but we have been plagued with an infestation of a fruit fly that is making the berries unsuitable for pick your own.  We hope that scientific research will find a solution to this new pest that has impacted fruit crops around the country.  It has been a warm summer, and the later blueberries have been most affected.   We look forward to more blueberries in July of 2016.



Updated on July 11th, 2015

Our 2015 Strawberry Season has come to an end.  We had 20 consecutive days of great picking, but now, all that is past.  We look forward to more berries in mid June of 2016.  A big thank you to all our picking customers who made this a very good year.


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