Pick your own at Bauer Berry Farm in Champlin, Minnesota. We are the people who proudly produce your food. We grow strawberries, blueberries and sweet corn for people who like to eat local and safe food. We are 30 minutes north/northwest of Minneapolis in the community of Champlin. We provide pick your own strawberries or blueberries fresh from the field.  Keep in mind that pick your own does not mean that you can eat all you want while picking.  “One or two are good to try, but after that you have to buy”.  Come join your neighbors for healthy food!



Updated July 4th

Our strawberry harvest has come to an official end. 

Probably the only place to find strawberries in mid July is in northern Minnesota.  Call Finke’s berry farm for their message.

Thank you to all our loyal customers that made 2017 another great year.

If you want to have an email sent to your Inbox with current picking options,  just sign up to “Join Our Email List” on our home page.  Any other inquiries can be sent to our voicemail:  763-421-4384.


Updated, July 21st, 2017

 CHILDRENS’ POLICY: Children must be 6 years old to be in the blueberry patch and each child aged 6 to 12 must be accompanied by an adult.  We have very narrow aisles, with no room to move around.  We wish we had planted with more space, but that was 30 years ago.

Our 2017 Blueberry season started on Wednesday, July 5th.   We do not have picking every day, but we are planning to be open the rest this week for picking on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings . Morning hours  are from 8 to Noon, but you should arrive at least by 11:00 AM to complete your picking by Noon.  We could have to alter this schedule, so keep updated at this site.  We want you to be aware that the end is in sight, so don’t delay your trip to the berry patch.  There should be some picking the week of July 23rd, but we will wait until that date gets closer to announce those picking days.  Weather and picking conditions will determine the open days and hours.   Please confirm before driving to the farm. 
The price is $4.10 per pound, and once again we remind you that we accept cash or checks, but are not set up for credit or debit cards.  On sunny days, it helps for you to wear a hat, so you can find the blue fruit hiding in the bushes.  We always recommend picking early in the morning, when the temps are cooler.  We have not had any issue with mosquitoes so far.
As part of our downsizing plan to keep farming with less stress on our old bodies,  we have had to cut out our sweet corn crop.  It was a good run of 39 years, long enough to be respectable, and we appreciated your loyalty over all those years.






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