Pick your own at Bauer Berry Farm in Champlin, Minnesota. We are the people who proudly produce your food. We grow strawberries, blueberries and sweet corn for people who like to eat local and safe food. We are 30 minutes north/northwest of Minneapolis in the community of Champlin. We provide pick your own strawberries or blueberries fresh from the field.  Keep in mind that pick your own does not mean that you can eat all you want while picking.  “One or two are good to try, but after that you have to buy”.  Come join your neighbors for healthy food!

Updated on July 3rd, 2015  Please read the complete message below, there is lots of important information:

 We still  have lots of berries for picking and we will be open on Saturday and Sunday, from 8:00 A.M. to Noon.  We plan to be open every morning, including this holiday weekend, and maybe a few days following the weekend.  The season will last through part of next week depending on how the size and abundance holds.
For now, we plan to be open for picking every morning, weather permitting, from 8:00 A.M. until we have all the ripe berries picked or Noon.  Please call before leaving for the farm if you can’t come until later in the morning.  The strawberry season usually lasts for three weeks, which means we will be open for the Fourth of July weekend and beyond.
We are no longer offering  to pick berries for you.  Please call our Produce Hotline number 763-421-4384 for the most current update.  Prices this year are $2.30 per pound for pick your own.  Keep in mind that pick your own does not mean that you can eat all you want while picking.  “One or two are good to try, but after that you have to buy”.  We accept cash or checks for payment.  (Sorry, we are not set up to accept credit/debit cards.)
As for our children’s policy, we ask that children pick at your side, and that each child aged 5 and under be accompanied by an adult.  And here is a special note to all of our friends and patrons who may be coming to our farm for the first time.   If you are planning to pick with friends, please arrive at the farm together.  We sometimes are sending cars to two fields and it is impossible to arrange side by side picking if you don’t arrive in the line one car in front of the other.  That may mean that you meet somewhere off the farm and then drive here together.  In Minnesota, a Pick Your Own farm means that you pick and pay and then eat.  We do not charge an admission, but we expect that you pay for your berries before you eat them.

This page is updated as picking conditions change, so check back for latest news. This page is updated daily, so  check here for more updates as the season progresses. 



The first berries are turning blue.  It won’t be long now.  We expect the season to begin  the second week of July, 2015.  The crop outlook looks very good.  We just have to keep the birds out of the field.


All of the sweet corn fields have been planted and all the corn has emerged.  Since the varieties take about 70 days, you can expect we will have some corn ready for eating by late July.

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